The Good Life

Scoring together with those with special needs

Xian Li thought he was going to teach football to children when he signed up as a volunteer for Special Olympics Singapore. (Source) Instead, he became part of a team that competed at Play Inclusive, an annual sporting competition. His capacity as a volunteer is as a “unified volunteer”, in which he plays sports together […]

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The Good Efforts

Former Nurse springs into action and takes care of uncle who fainted until an ambulance arrives

A former nurse, Ms. Michelle Kwok, sprung into action and helped an uncle who fainted and injured his head, and also stayed with him until an ambulance arrived. The incident occurred at Junction 8 on August 22 at around 8PM. An onlooker, Mr. Li, told Shin Min Daily News: 我上前去看,发现一名阿叔倒在地上,后脑勺在流血,手上也都是血,身旁有3名公众在帮忙。 Upon looking, I noticed that […]

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