Gift a smile, share a mooncake with a migrant worker today!

Got leftover mooncakes at home? Or simply watching your waistline?



People tend to buy more mooncakes than they can consume. In 2016, it was reported that Hong Kong had wasted an astonishing level of 1.6 million mooncakes.

Share your mooncakes with someone else!

For Itsrainingraincoats, they have decided to donate mooncakes to fellow migrant workers in Singapore.





Itsrainingraincoats originally began with wanting to show gratitude towards migrant workers. It is an initiative that prompts people to pass migrant workers disposable raincoats when necessary.

Their Facebook page writes:

A migrant worker who falls sick due to having worked in the rain rarely gets a medical day off or the luxury of being tucked up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a television to watch. He will have no choice but to show up at work the next day exposing himself to further injury, as work place accidents are more likely occur when a worker is weak, unwell or unable to function fully.


Today, they have moved beyond raincoats, and have gone on to collect other essentials such as: umbrellas, water bottles, clothing, etc.

Most recently, they have chosen to collect and donate mooncakes.



Also they need the extra calories given the hard labour they undertake for more than 12 or more hours a day!



Beautiful mooncakes can be put to good use by planting a smile on the faces of the migrant workers.

Itsrainingraincoats also makes it convenient for everyone to help out. They have designated various collection points throughout Singapore, allowing one to donate items easily and efficiently.

To view the collection points, you can click here.


Taking initiative

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Itsrainingraincoats has truly brought a smile to much of the migrant worker community. While we may simply throw our mooncakes away, we sometimes forget that others can benefit from what we do not want or need.

The love and joy that Itsrainingraincoats has spread to migrant workers invites us to think about those who are just living amongst us, and be more aware of various communities.





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