Run4Love: Conquering 160km to raise funds for underprivileged children

The Runner

Meet Dr. Tan Eng Han, founder of Overseas SG (OSG) wanted to do more in his capacity as a volunteer.

OSG is an non-profit organization centered on building a culture of sharing with ASEAN Youths overseas and at home.

Dr. Tan and OSG volunteers have held various events over the years: mentorship sessions, forum discussions, and several business case competitions.

Yet Dr. Tan wanted to give more:

I constantly questioned myself – what can OSG do on a meaningful and sustainable basis?


It was then Dr. Tan come across a non-profit organization for underprivileged children, Shanghai Baby’s Home. It is meant to support children who may have been abandoned and have urgent medical needs. Given costly medical fees, the organization constantly requires funds.

And thus, Run4Love was born. A partnership with Bridge+, an organization that owns several flexi-spaces throughout Singapore and China. Both organizations collaborated in spearheading a fundraising activity meant to support Shanghai Baby’s Home.

Even as he organized the run, Dr. Tan himself partook in the run: a 200km run across Shanghai.


The Run

Lasting for about 35 hours, the run began at one of Bridge+’s spaces on 9 August 2019 to 100AM Mall Shanghai the next evening.

While the run was not smooth sailing due to Typhoon Lekima, the planned distance of 200km, unfortunately, had to be cut short.

Dr. Tan was all smiles as he crossed the finish line.





They later celebrated by presenting a cheque of an astonishing RMB 200k raised from the run.

Fellow volunteers celebrated him as he championed the run and finished strong.


Dr. Tan reflects:

This journey brought Singaporeans in China together, Singaporeans and the local community together, colleagues and friends together, and more importantly, it helped everyone one involved fulfilled a little of their internal aspirations.


The funds raised from the charity run will continue to fund orphans who are in need of medical attention. It is in their hopes that the children under their care can end up living normal lives as well as being adopted locally or overseas.

Overall, Dr. Tan hopes to build a strong Singaporean community in China, where he resides.

In doing so, one can build strong communities within the overseas Singaporeans, and create an environment of love and care for various communities.


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