No bystander: passerby helps police officers take down man

The incident

Over at Woodlands is the story of how a passerby turned hero.

When an incident happens, it is always more likely that one stands in shock of what to do, or instinctively whip out their phones to record the incident that plays out.

Yet, here lies a man who became an active passerby, rather than a bystander.


The incident first starts out with another man warding off two police offers. (1).gif


The man gave the police officers a tough time through his rowdy behaviour, and was extremely difficult to subdue.

He gradually became more aggressive, shouting loudly “我现在要去厕所” simply declaring that he wanted to go to the toilet in attempts to escape.


Meanwhile, extra reinforcements appear, along with the passerby.


Taking action (1).gif


The passerby acted immediately and was quick in taking the man down. (2).gif


He took the suspect to the floor, and shouting at the other police officers “get him!” repeatedly.

He declared that the man was causing “too much of a disturbance”.

His quick thinking allowed for the police officers to finally be able to handcuff him instead of posing as a danger to other residents.





The man’s actions was generally met with positive reactions.

Others pondered on the effectiveness of the police on restrictions related to arrest.




Taking initiative

The usual: watch as the incident happens, or take out your phones and film the incident occurring.

The man, on the other hand, sprung into action and coordinated the take-down following arrest of the suspect.

His initiative truly makes him the hero of the day. His choice to get down and dirty in facilitating the suspect’s take-down is worth applauding and thinking about.

May he inspire us all to no longer be passive bystanders. In any situation, there will always be a range of appropriate actions to take, and we can all become more active participants of society.

You can watch the video here.


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