Awfully tired, but well enough to care

The last train

The last train: late at night, grey colours, the night is weary. It is perhaps the last place to spot an act of kindness.

Yet, the light truly shines brightest amidst the darkness.

While one worker decidedly slept on the floor, another worker saw this and went over to him.

Eventually one of his buddies woke up, noticed, and got up, seemingly to wake him up so he wouldn’t lie on the floor. But instead he just sat down right next to him, and propped his head up on his leg without question.


Quietly, the worker wearing the cap simply allowed his friend to rest on his lap instead of letting him lie on the ground.


Redditors respond

Spotted on the North-South MRT line and shared on Reddit, was an incident that sparked positive reactions from fellow Netizens.

Some made speculations of why the workers had to sleep on the floor even when the train ought to be vacant, given the late hours:

It’s sadder that they didn’t go to the cabin with seats and doze off while seated. Probably been told off by some “privileged” people before.


Others focused on the positivity of the photograph, and highlighted the kind actions of the worker in the cap:

Truly brothers in arms.


As of date, the post is one of r/Singapore sub-reddit’s most popular posts, amounting to around 1.6k upvotes. It is evident that the man in the cap has displayed kindness like no other.


Never too tired

Even in moments of sleeplessness, the simple interaction showcased great empathy and a loving spirit for one another.

Caring for a friend, no matter how tired one is, can always manifest itself in beautiful ways.


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